Red and Gold = #classy!

Red Dress (Size M):
Gold Heels:
Earrings: Icing Store
Bracelet: Forever21 Store

I have a red dress after such a long long time. I love its keyhole neckline and cute leafy floral beige prints. Gold and red are like best buds. I am pairing this with lot of golden accents, making it suitable for as a evening party. The fabric feels very beautiful in the skin too.

Firstly, let me talk about the golden heels… how eclectic and elegant is the metal embossed block heel! Absolutely love the tribal embossing! If you wear them, they’d be the talk of the evening… I’ll be wearing them quite often. 🙂 The other golden accents are in my earrings, bracelet and belt. Hope you give this ensemble a try.