This is my happy place where I will post about my fashion ideas and what’s available in my closet – ensembles, accessories, clothes etc. Often times I wonder… where does this passion for fashion and food come from? It’s my parents!

I have been obsessed with fashion ever since I was a kid. My dad owns a small clothing business in India. I would accompany him and see the factory workers stitch and knit all kinds of garments. My fascination and admiration for threads, colors, cuts, fabrics and prints started at that young age. And very recently I have started blogging about my personal fashion.

I give fashion advise on how to pair outfits, how to experiment with colors, which palettes of colors work the best with each other, how to pair accessories-shoes-bags, how to reuse and re-purpose old clothes in your closet, quick DIYs etc. I describe my style to be contemporary, budget-friendly and high-street fashion. You can read more about me at Even though I don’t have a professional degree in fashion, my self-learning attitude, passion, drive and knowledge of the industry compensates for it 😉

My dad has literally woven his life with yarn. And mom has fed and entertained guests with all the warmth and zeal in her bones. And my husband can’t get his eyes off food network. He is far better a cook and foodie than I am. That explains my love towards fashion and food! 😀

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