Disclosures & Copyright


Who do I Collaborate with?
I am currently collaborating with a few online clothing brands including Shein, Romwe, MakemeChic, FashioMia, New Chic, Rosegal, Zaful, StyleWe, IWOWD, Vibha and some local boutiques. These websites send me the items I like as a gift.

I collaborate with only those fashion companies whose products I genuinely like and would otherwise use/buy/wear even if they weren’t a gift.

Now and then, I get requests from fashion and tech companies to advertise/review their product in exchange for money. But I politely say ‘no’ to those offers. I want to try and test these products before I post them on my blog or recommend it to my friends and readers. I try to write genuine reviews as much as possible.

I am my own stylist:
Even though some of the clothes are sent as gifts, I style and create different looks using my own creative ideas. If I am inspired by a magazine, celebrity or pinterest outfit, I will mention it in my post.

The c/o term:
C/o ultimately means that an item was a gift and I didn’t pay for it. In other words, its a collaboration and NOT an advertisement.

Why am I blogging?
I started blogging out of my pure love for budget-friendly fashion, food and frugality. You don’t have to put a hole in your pocket to look stylish. My goal is to reach thousands of women and motivate them to invest time in themselves, love their bodies (irrespective of their shape, size, color, age, sexual orientation etc.), dress well and feel beautiful.

Should I Monetize…??
Blogging is my part-time/weekend job. I am a User Experience Designer (some may categorize as Software Engineer) by profession. I become a fashion blogger post work-hours and on weekends ;).

Amey (my husband and ChicPudding’s photographer) and I dedicate most of our entire weekends creating quality content that would be helpful, useful and fun to my readers. I am juggling my career, house-hold chores, fitness etc all at the same time. It is not easy to carve out time for your passions. But I try my best and am completely dedicated to making my blog successful! At the end of the day, an individual is motivated to deliver the best if s/he feels compensated for the hard-work they put in. May be I will start monetizing my blog too. But I promise, I won’t jeopardize my content.


All work on this blog is original. Fashion Ensembles, Recipes, DIY and Decor, Hairstyles and Makeup photos and videos on this blog are all created, edited and posted by the author, Neha Joshi, unless otherwise mentioned.

If any idea on my blog inspired you, I’d would love to know about it. So please give me (Neha Joshi) or my blog (ChicPudding) a big shout out by mentioning a link to the post or my blog or tagging me or my page.

If you like any idea, please do not call it your own or copy it for your blog, website or any other media.

If you like my pictures, please ask for permission and share them with proper attribution by adding a link to this blog and also preserving the watermark “ChicPudding”, “ChicPudding.com”, “Chic Pudding” “(c)ChicPudding” or “ChicPudding.wordpress.com” as it appears on all the pictures.

All photos on my blog are courtesy of my super talented, sweet and kind husband Amey unless otherwise mentioned. My blog is where it is today all cos he his efforts, encouragement and love! I owe him success of my blog!❤

Do not copy my pictures for your blog, website or any other media from here without permission or appropriate attribution.

Here is the link to the US Copyright law FAQs:http://www.copyright.gov/help/faq/faq-general.html#mywork

Here is the link to India Copyright law FAQs: http://copyright.gov.in/frmFAQ.aspx