Hello World!
(this is the first sentence typed out in any programming language. Please pardon me as the engineer in me will try to pop out every now and then :P)

Welcome to ChicPudding!

I’m a foodaholic who has juggled between size 4 and 8 in the past decade. I am still somewhere in between those sizes. But what has changed in the past years is my attitude towards my own self…I have started feeling beautiful and chic no matter what size I am!

Growing up, I never quite got a chance to understand and experiment with fashion as much as I wanted to. Could be either – conservative society, limited access to resources or constrained exposure. I wore denim jeans and t-shirt almost everyday. But coming to this foreign land, opened up new avenues to explore and experiment with different colors, textures, prints, patterns, lengths, necklines and designs. I naturally lean towards my ethnic roots. I love to mix and match from what’s available and create compilation of sorts. I try to not parade an accessory store on my body but I love the delicate and intricate neck & ear pieces, ethnic and tribal prints . Above all, I love frugal fashion in which I don’t need big brands to make me look stylish.

Being brought up in Mumbai, I have wandered some of the popular fashion hotspots like Hill road, Linking road, Fashion street, Colaba Causeway, Lokhandwala market for all my college life in search of reasonable fashionable clothes…. I have always tried to be economic with my pocket money and have never been obsessed with big brands. As long as I get clothes that last for what they are worth, I am happy. And even if they don’t, I’m even more happy… cos I get to shop even more.

Some wise person once said, “Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess”. I kinda agree with the former part and disagree with the latter, in that, I feel, style can be learn’t! You can learn to dress for your shape. You can learn what suits you, what makes you feel great and what doesn’t! I wasn’t born with the best fashion sense. But I have taught myself how to dress and look like a million bucks even when I am dressed in rags.

I am no size zero, don’t want to be one; I have extra flab and extra curves all over…and I LOVE it all! I am not tall, I have some less flattering features like pale freckled skin, light eyebrows, accentuated jawline, big nose for which I have had been ridiculed. I had auditioned for my college’s fashion show and was never selected. I took it to heart and for the longest time didn’t love what I had or who I was. Through all those bodily insecurities and struggles, I have learn’t to love and respect my body for what it is. I have learn’t to not measure my beauty in inches (of height-of waist-of hips)! I believe, beauty is a state of mind. You need to believe you are beautiful to look beautiful! To that regard, I echo Amy Bloom’s thoughts…I am imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed AND beautiful!

Coming back to where my heart and soul is…food and kitchen! I am a big foodie at heart. I love cooking Mexican, Italian, Thai, Korean, Chinese, American, Fusion etc. But I find myself most comfortable making Indian food. As a kid, I ate almost anything and everything that was served on my plate. And I still continue to do the same. Indian spices and curries posses my tongue and my belly cant stop longing for rice and naan!

With all that said, you can guess, I don’t quite have a model-like (cookie cutter) body size :P. But I strive to achieve a healthy lifestyle – eating healthy, sleeping well, keeping my mind and body positive and active, engaging in fitness activities et . I slip sometimes owing to my sweet tooth cravings but always try and balance it out. 😉

Apart from cooking and eating,I love organization! I like to decorate my house with budget-friendly DIY projects and ideas… I arrange my kitchen drawers and pantry in a way where I could make things easily available and accessible based on my household needs. I organize my closet in a way my clothes and accessories are easy to find and assemble.. Being resourceful has started coming to me naturally; I attempt to re-purpose almost whatever is possible. As a married woman now, some of these frugal instincts have become even stronger. Let’s say I have become more penny-wise (NO pound foolish)…. Well, which woman is not? 😉

It all makes sense now, as I am building my career as a user experience designer. As part of my job I make designs for web applications/website interfaces. I make these interfaces easy to use, easy to navigate, give them a facelift and make them look pretty; mainly improve their usability! In my designs, I try to incorporate elements of enchantment, joy and thrill for my end-users. I couldn’t have asked for a better career! Its what I like to do on day-to-day basis as well.

Life has thrown interesting mix of challenges, opportunities, situations at me all throughout. Some good, some bad. Some handled well, some not so much. Some I’m proud of, some I am not so proud of. You let them break you or make you. I chose the latter. These pitfalls have major contribution into what I have become today, which I am proud of! And I have no complaints, no regrets, and no reservations! 😀

So here’s my blog: I am hoping to talk mainly food and fashion! But also, fun, family, friends, festivities, fitness and frugal living as well! Not to leave out some of the “non-F’s” – home decor, re-purposing old stuff to new and health. Even though words don’t freely flow when I write; meaning writing doesn’t come naturally to me, this is my attempt to share what I love doing.

Hoping to find a little bit of me in you!

P.S: All photos on my blog are courtesy of my super talented, sweet and kind husband Amey. My blog is where it is today all cos he his efforts, encouragement and love! I owe him success of my blog! ❤


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