The fitness maestro I know!

Yoga Leggings:
Hooded top:

PC: pShots. Thank you so much for covering the summer series for my blog.

Priyanka, you have set my blog ablaze! You are totally slaying those yoga poses in that outfit!


Priyanka is dedicated to her fitness regime and is so committed to inspiring others to adopt a healthy lifestyle. She is a technical project manager by profession but a fitness enthusiast by passion. She has been a Doonya dance instructor and currently practices at advanced level at Mona Khan Dance Company (which is not easy to get into if you have just started with them).

This beautiful girl has maintained her beautiful body from the time I met her which is close to decade ago.  She is the one who taught me basic yoga and pranayam. She is such an inspiration!


Her interview below:

What is your fitness philosophy?
I am a Technical PM by profession and while I do like my job, and being in the Tech sector makes life easy, it definitely isn’t my first love. One of my cousins would say, if there’s one thing Priyanka can do even at 2am in the morning, it would be dancing or jumping like a monkey from a jungle gym. Constantly moving, playing, dancing, jumping, hiking has been a way of life for me, and physical fitness is just a byproduct of that. I have assisted my Yoga guru, Kusum Mokashi, been a Bollywood fitness instructor with Doonya, and take every chance to train my friends, aka torture them with burpees. 😀
I sincerely believe that your body keeps a balance sheet of how you treat her, and pays back what we give her. So, eat well, and keep moving! Do any form of exercise that pleases your senses, and remember that it won’t be easy – whether it’s the first push up, the first long bike ride or even the first time you get into bhujangasana. But keep at it and see what regular exercise does to your mind and body.”

Whats your daily fitness routine? 
I workout 3 times each week and try doing a variety of workouts during any given week, such as Weight training, Cardio Sculpt, dance/zumba and sometimes just Yoga.
What motivates you to be committed to follow your passion? 
Exercise gives me the much needed physical and mental break from sitting/staring at any screen; I am my happiest after a workout and that’s what motivates me to keep going.
How do you inspire others? 
By lecturing my closed ones to keep exercising at every chance I can. 😀 . Since I almost never carry my phone when working out, I can’t really inspire through social media ..hehe 😛
What are some small steps we could take to make fitness part of our daily lives?
Choose any outdoor or indoor physical activity you like and keep practicing it, until it becomes a lifestyle.


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