Online shopping 101


I am big on shopping online and I have been receiving several messages about sizing, quality and delivery experience etc over and over again. So I though, I’d write an article to share my experience that could help all the online shoppers out there.

My favorite online spots:

I have had similar experiences on all of the above websites for following criteria:


Some of the websites have size in cm and some have in inches. They are true to their size. They DO NOT follow standard international or US sizing in my experience. Each item on their website tends to have a unique size. A range of sizes from XS to XL have both fit me well. So pick a size that is unique to your measurement.

Measure yourself very accurately. There are several Youtube videos (ex: on how to measure your body. Please watch a video or two to know your measurements correctly. Take help of your significant other or friend if you need.

You would mainly need to measure your shoulders, bust, waist and hip.


There some commonly used materials in the clothing industry. The type of material used to make a garment largely determines the quality and cost of your item. I love these materials in the order of preference: linen, cotton, cotton blends, silk-cotton, silk, wool, chiffon, rayon, polyester, leather, acrylic, suede and spandex blends. I pick a material based on my requirement and need. I pick wools, leather, acrylic, suede in winters and cotton, chiffon etc in summers. I use polyester, rayon etc for office since they are durable and do not get wrinkled after washing and do not need ironing.

I have seen a lot of items on these websites are made of polyester. Sometimes polyester looks good and sometimes it doesn’t. Where (causal outing, evening date, night party, other social event, fine-dine dinner) and when (time of the day or year) will determine if an outfit material will look good or not and weather it serves its purpose or not.

Learn about different materials. I found these articles to be useful:

Deceptive Photos:

I have seen some photos in which the clothes worn by the model do not match the material description. The photos look could look like suede or cotton but the material description says ‘Polyester’. So please make sure to read the material description to level set your expectation.


The quality is very proportional to the material used to make these clothes.


If the price is too low, don’t set your expectation too high! A top which is $5 is not going to be super high quality unless the website has a huge sale on that item.


Delivery on each website is different. Please check their respective shipping info pages. I have received my items within 7-14 days. But the delivery date will be determined by the shipping date. Some items ship in 3-7 days. The longer it takes to ship an item, the longer it will take to deliver it.

Note: Shipping and Delivery are two different things.

Rule of thumb:

As a rule of thumb, if I am confused about a size, I always order a bigger size. It is easy to stitch and alter a bigger size but not possible to expand a smaller one.

Returns & Exchanges:

Each site has its own rules. Some send you a return label while other will charge you a minimum fee for a return label. Check individual websites policies.

Other websites:

I have also shopped at NewChic, RoseGal and Fashionmia but these brands haven’t left a great impression on me. I recently ordered something from Stylewe… lets see how this will turn out.

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