The cut is everything in this kalamkari elephant dress!

I had loved this cut on Kendall  Jenner and was determined on getting myself a similar outfit. I got this semi-custom made/stitched in India on my most recent trips there.

A shop called Ashok’s in Lokhandwala market lane, Andheri, Mumbai. They have several one-size pieces that you can get altered to suit your taste. I landed on this piece there. Got the front cut and fitting tailored to my shape 🙂

I have poured my personality onto this outfit and brought variation with the slit and the print. I chose a elephant-printed kalamkari cotton. The front-cut of the dress is such that it suits my body-type really well. As you all know, I relate myself to a pear/triangle shape the most… the cut tactfully covers my wider hips, giving my body a more balanced-shape illusion.

I am pairing it with black slacks, olive heels and blue feather earrings!




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