How to dress your shape!

I have been told several times that I look thinner in my blog photos than I actually am :P. Well, sometimes its a tricky camera angle but most times its the fit of my clothes. I don’t intend to post pictures that make me look thin or anything. My intention is to wear the clothes that suit my shape well. Over a course of time, I have learnt to dress my shape. I try to emphasize some parts of my body while downplay the others.

I can’t stress enough…you should wear whatever you like, whatever makes you feel comfortable, whatever makes you feel beautiful. You should not stress about wether a piece of clothing will suit your shape or not… if you like it, just go for it, be experimentative!  This is just a guide I find helpful while dressing up and while picking cuts and styles that will suit my shape. I consider myself a mix of shapes but I have stronger characteristics of a triangle/pear than any other shape.

So after doing weeks of research, reading tons of articles on body shapes and guides, doing dozens of brainstorming sessions and white-boarding exercises, Doodlewini and I have synthesized information across several fashion websites for you. We couldn’t find a single article which had concise information for all shapes and a guide on what to wear. So we thought we could do something creative and fun and bring all the information you need to one single place. We have given you reference of a geometric shape and a fruit shape. By comparing a body shape to fruit, we mean no offense to anyone. It is sometimes just easy to relate to real world things. There were more than five shapes but some of them were super confusing, so we narrowed down to 5 most common shapes. Hope this article is informative and helpful!

Doodlewini brings her enormous talent and creativity to this doodle. She makes some really cool, fun and witty doodles. Honestly, her work inspires me :). It was a privilege collaborating with her!

References: Wiki How, Real Simple, Who What Wear, She Knows, Shop Your Shape, Joy of Clothes, Pinterest



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