My elephant skirt

By now, you all know how much I love elephants… 😀 😉
Heels: or (similar)
Crop Top:
Earrings: Burlington

I already have a kimono, a top, quilled earrings with elephant print. What was missing was this perfect piece of art – my elephant skirt! 😀

The skirt makes for a perfect fusion look with the print being so ethnic and the cut being so western. Its versatile enough to be worn on a date-night outfit or as fun business casuals (with a nice black shirt/blazer). I love the colors on the skirt… mustard and rust… so perfect for autumn. And the fabric feels soft, high quality and comfy. This skirt is made of handloom cotton. Its block printed with traditional Rajasthani elephant design with vegetable colors.

What I like about Iwowd-I walkoutwelldressed is that they are aiming to get back the handmade culture. It’s fashion is unique, in that, it can be Indianized or Westernized as per your personal taste.

PC: Amey, truly making Chic Pudding’s each post look better ❤img_6150img_6153img_6148img_6159img_6173collage_fotor

One comment

  1. Thanks for sharing about these websites.You look stunning ! Recently started reading your blogs, i like your detail explanation on each products. loved your collections too 🙂


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