My Curvalicious Muse!

She wears her colors just like her personality! I find her style flamboyant, colorful, bubbly, and jazzy! I always love a tad bit of eccentricity and she brings perfect amount of fun, amuse and whack to her outfits. When she steps into limelight, she brings on her A game in fashion. What I love about her is that she exactly knows how to dress her curves and isn’t shy of showing them off. Her swag on Insta is so addictive… you’ll be hooked.. 🙂
She looks like first bloom of spring in that dress. If you are feeling dull this fall or aren’t yet ready to say goodbye to summer, just go against the rules like her and flaunt your colorful florals. She looks stunning in that beautiful tea length dress (that ends between calf and ankles). I like the length that she is experimenting with… it will work wonderfully as a maxi dress if you aren’t as tall.
Thanks for making my blog so colorful, Rupali!


Processed with Snapseed.

Processed with Snapseed.

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