Stripes.Monochromes.Pop – the ‘fall’y trinity ;)

Cotton Shirt:
Bag ($10):

Stripes can never go outta fashion… So stock up your wardrobe with stripes, checks & plaids. I have done so much of color blast this summer that I am kinda excited to go the simplistic monochrome route with my outfits. But I would love to add a bit of jazz to my minimalist fall wardrobe…. sort of brighten it up with fall colors and pumpkin yellows 😀

Here, I am going for a stripped blue cotton shirt with a pair of good fitting denims, blue heels (ideally, I wanted to wear a pair close to the blue of the shirt but nevertheless this cobalt blue didn’t disappoint). Cherry on top is the super chic bright yellow bag. At $10, its a steal! It’s without a doubt my favorite color of the season! 😀



  1. Aw look, one question are these heels comfortable I only wear flats. Want to try wedges and this kind of heels or block heels but scared to use them. Btw u luk stunning in every look.


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