Sneha shows us how to dress effortlessly!


They say, “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication and a key to true elegance”. These words cannot be more apt to describe Sneha’s sense of beauty, style & personality! She just wins your heart with her adorable smile and kindness that sparkles in her eyes.

She creates fun ensembles and plays with pop colors and funky prints but also knows how to keep the balance! I love big & bold… and while it is fun to stack on accessories, it is just as fulfilling to keep things clean and streamlined. In a pool of over-the-top ensembles, her minimal aesthetics are so refreshing! I find Sneha’s style to be effortless, delicate, elegant, minimalistic yet creative, fun yet graceful & authentic… it is soothing and magical at the same time.

Here, she is wearing a pastel icy mint cold shoulder ruffled dress with burgundy bag, shoes and a dapper pair of sunglasses! 🙂 She makes a perfect case for “less is more” with this outfit! You look like an angel Sneha and thanks for showing us how to dress effortlessly chic! ❤



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