Inviting Autumn! – Deepti Di

She is a diva who I have been wanting to feature on my blog ever since I started fashion blogging!
Lace crop top:

Warmly inviting autumn with subtler earthy and darker neutrals… she has paired a coffee colored lapel jacket with black lace crop top, bodycon skirt and metallic accessories.

We will all agree that we are a product of our environment…we adapt, learn and draw inspiration from each other and our surroundings. I have learnt so many things from my sister-in-law Deepti didi… things not just limited to fashion! What I have specifically admired about her, is her ability to create outfits with a great blend and balance of colors, fabrics, patterns and prints. She is super innovative and creative when it comes to creating ensembles… she was the first one (who I know) paired a crop top with a saree 3 years ago when the idea didn’t even exist, she boldly sported vintage heavy ethnic earrings on a modern tulip cut bodycon dress, she wore all white (head to toe, 5 years ago) for a BBQ party when I didn’t even understand monochrome fashion! She is a trend setter in many ways 🙂

Earlier, my style was super duper minimalistic, I never wore any accessories…not even stud earrings :P. I never liked wearing accessories… may be cos I never knew how to pair them gracefully. But watching her pair all her accessories like an ace, gave me some courage to give them a try. Even today, I borrow accessories from her sometime. And irrespective of what she wears, she carries off her clothes like a superstar! All in all, I find her style vintage, classy, frugal and avant garde.

PS: She also has been a real-life model and has several accolades under her belt. About a decade ago, she has modeled for brands like Kissan Jam, Seasons, Star Gold channel, Western Union, Reliance. She has won pageants held by Indian Coast Guard, Ms. Country Club (Mumbai) and won Ms. India California (1st runner up). I recently found her Kissan jam ad video –

Didi, you look super cute in this video :* and thanks for inspiring me always ❤


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