My facial clean-up routine!

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I have had so many requests about posting my skin care routine…So finally!! I am taking some time to write up what I do to take care of my skin.
My skin is on the drier side hence the products I use are for normal to dry skin. If your skin type is oily, the products needed for your skin will be different. I try to do this routine at home at least once or twice a month. I use Himalaya products which are herbal & mostly ayurvedic and made from very natural ingredients.


Step 1: Cleanse
I used neem face wash to cleanse my skin. You could use your regular face wash. Ideally, I should have used a gentle face wash cos my skin is a little bit on dryer side, but I was super excited to try the neem one after long 🙂
Step 2: Exfoliate
I used equate apricot scrub. Be gentle while scrubbing your skin. You are not washing your dishes, its your face :P. Most of us feel that if we scrub harder, more dirt/dead cells will be removed but that’s not true. You will leave rashes on your skin. You could scrub more on & around your nose or chin where concentration of white/black heads may be high. I apply scrub and massage it for 3-5 mins. Wash of your face with water. No need to use face wash again.
Step 3: Steam
Take a hollow kitchen utensil, fill it with water and let the water boil. Once the water starts boiling it will start liberating steam. Turn the gas to low/medium flame so that the bubbles stop bursting. Hold your face in such a way that you get enough steam. Be careful though, you don’t want water bubbles to burst on your skin or get too much of direct super hot steam. I wrap a towel from above my head so that the steam doesn’t escape. I take steam at intervals of 1 min. Some people prefer taking steam before exfoliation or during exfoliation, I prefer to do it after. I do this for 10-15 mins.
Step 4: Extract
Steaming allows for your pores to open up and loosens up those black/white heads making them easy to extract. If you have stubborn pimples/blackheads that won’t come out even after steaming then don’t try too hard to burst them, be very gently. If it doesn’t come out too easily, don’t mess with it.
Step 5: Tone
Toning basically lets your open pores to close. If your pores remain open and dirt goes in, you will again have acne problems. I don’t have a toner product but I use ice cold water to rinse my face 3-4 times.
Step 6: Pack/Mask
I wipe by face dry and apply a face pack, put cucumber slices on my eyes and take a quick nap till my face pack is dry. I used mud pack this time. I alternate between different packs every time. I have a fruit mask, turmeric+saffron mask, neem mask. You could make a mask at home from turmeric + chickpea flour or sandalwood + rose water.
Step 7: Moisturize & Massage
Once the mask is dry, wash it off with water. Pat your skin dry and use your regular moisturizer. Massage you skin for 5-10 mins. And done!!
Note: Your skin health doesn’t just depend on facial/clean up. It also depends on your diet and genetic makeup. I try to eat at least 1-2 fruits a day. Oranges/Tangerines are my favorite. Try to eat juicy fruits if you can. I also drink plenty water everyday. It cleanses your system. I try to eat raw vegetables like mini carrots, grape tomatoes, radish, cucumber during dinner almost every day. Hope you have healthy skin! Cheers!! 🙂


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