Simple Mawa Modak Recipe

1.5 cups khoya/mawa
0.5 cups sugar
Pinch of kesar
Pinch or two of cardamon
Crushed nuts (optional)
3-4 tbsp condensed milk (if your khoya doesn’t leave too much fat and is dry)

– Mix grated khoya and sugar and put them in a skillet on medium high flame. Keep stirring.
– In 10-13 mins, you will see fat oozing out, stop the flame and keep the mixture aside to cool.
– In the meanwhile, microwave kesar with 1 tbsp milk in microwave & crush nuts.
– Once near room temperature, mix kesar, cardamon, nuts, start rolling the mixture and putting in moulds.
– Remove excess with knife. And done 🙂

1) Don’t leave the modaks open for long time or else they can get dry. Store in air-tight container.
2) If your khoya is dry, it wont leave too much of fat hence your modaks could become dry. If that happens, add 3-4 tbsp of condensed milk to the mixture and mix the mixture in a food processor so that the condensed milk mixes well with the modak mixture.
3) If you have already made the modaks and they become dry later, deconstruct them in a food processor and add 3-4 tbsp of condensed milk.

Outfit: Wish I had some time to wear a saree but had multiple events that day, so quickly slipped into yellow and pink suit… it happens to be one of my favorite combinations. For other everyday outfits, checkout my other posts on the blog!



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