Monochromes – Fall is coming!


Fall is a month away and I don’t want this beautiful summer to end. I love all vibrant colors and I have explored all colors combinations to create dramatic contrasts and subtle romance with the pastels this summer. But I am excited to introduce some monochromatic outfits in my closet this fall. I am wearing a ‘Grey Organza Patchwork’ blouse. I love how it has multiple layers just like flower petals. The pearl button detailing adds a sweet touch too! Complementing it are my suede grey purse, grey stilettos, grey-ish earrings and white shades. Although the outfit isn’t completely monochromatic owing to the dark denims, I want to continue experimenting with soothing neutrals, pastels and monochromes.

I feel, wearing a single color or several shades of the same color is a simpler, cleaner approach to putting an outfit together. Wearing monochromes is like including a palate cleanser in your meal. It helps appreciate other food items better. If worn correctly, monochromes can be just as striking as wearing a bold pattern or vivid color.


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