I <3 this top!

Top: http://goo.gl/gHe3KV
I love how cute this print is. Can you believe this was only $6 ish? It makes a fun,feminine,casual, colorful summer outfit!
#flatteringangle #notlostweight #trickypose #keepExercising
PS: I still ❤ my curves 😉

Rosegal Review: I received $50 gift card from Rosegal and tried it for the first time. I like their collection… it’s trendy and budget-friendly. I’d say the quality is decent and its in proportion to the prize you pay for an item. However, I am little disappointed with their delivery and status updates. My package came ~1.5 months after I placed my order. Their delivery times are much slower than the other websites in China. The package was stuck in clearance at Shanghai for a long long time and even though the customer representative knew it, they had to wait for another 2 weeks till they sent me another package. If you are ready to wait for longer time in return of cheaper price, you’d be fine using this website.



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