My inspirational feminist skirt!

My inspirational feminist skirt!
Crop Top:
Pumps: (similar)

I love this skirt for reasons I cannot even count. First and foremost, I love the skirt for its print! It showcases several women with baskets (tokris) and pots on their heads. This print brings back so many memories.

In India and many other developing nations, thousands of women work as vendors to support their families. I have grown seeing these women sell garlands, vegetables, fruits, snacks, fish, accessories, toys. You name it and they’d be selling it.You’ll find them with their tokris at markets, near railway stations, inside trains and buses, walking door to door. They work night and day, sit through scorching heat & incessant rains, just so that they can earn a few bucks to support their families. In villages, these women walk for miles to fetch water from a well, river or hand pump. They put water in these pots and carry them on their strong heads. Another memory that flashes is that of a construction site, with hundreds of women carrying brinks, cement and sand in their ghamelas.

Kudos to their physical strength, endurance, fortitude, hard work, determination and struggle. I am humbled and grateful to have been blessed with such a beautiful life where I don’t have to go through the same struggle – physically or mentally. It makes me feel so little when I cry, crib and sweat over the most meaningless and shallow things in life. It gives me so much perspective! I draw tremendous inspiration from these women. They motivate me to work hard towards achieving my goals, being strong and putting up a brave face through my own personal struggles and battles.

#powerfulwomen #beingstrong #strongwomen #girlpower #inspiration #dreambig #achieveyour

Other lesser significant reasons for liking the skirt – its cut, material, quality, colors and price ;). I am wearing it with a navy blue crop top and a boho necklace. Curled my hair and pinned my fringes. I wore it recently to a cultural event and literally everyone I met complimented me on my outfit. 🙂



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