Red Polka Dot Sheath Dress

I can’t stop counting what I love about this dress! It screams sophistication from moon and back!

Length: Sheath dresses typically falls around the knees or lower thighs. That’s what makes them a little formal than the other styles. You will see Kate Middleton wear these most of the times. And I am a huge fan of her dressing.
Cut: The cut its like a balloon skirt. It’s perfect for heavy bottomed person like me. Also, a pleasant change from my usual Flared/A-line/Skater dresses.
Shoulders: The puffed shoulders make my shoulders look broad. Its a nice touch…
Sleeve length and neckline: It’s a simple round neck with three-quartered sleeves. Perfect for a formal occasion.
Print and Color: It’s feminine and playful at the same time.

I am adorning it with a simple pearls necklace and earrings. Beige stilettos and purse.

Dress Link:
Use coupon code: RW-chicpudding60 for 60% off



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