Kimono – rescue outfit for a lazy day!

Dress Link:

There are so many days when I don’t feel like dressing up. I literally pickup any random cami, tank top or t-shirt and just put on any available slacks or jeans on it.

It’s for those lazy days when you simply don’t want to put efforts into styling an outfit or don’t want to waste your time; having a Kimono comes in handy! Its a very casual yet chic piece of garment.

A kimono is nothing but a lose robe with wide sleeves. Originally, its a formal Japanese garment. But this summer, designers and stores are experimenting with several designs, lengths, colors, patterns and prints.

I bought this multi-colored one from Shein. Since its white and has several colors of modern geometric tribal print, it can be worn on so many colors.Love the blast of colors and its print.I am wearing it on a black on black. Also, I wanted to enhance the deep neckline of the cami, hence wearing long silver earrings and bangles.



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