5 ways to style a basic white tee

From super casual to spring to business casual to formal to beachy. Also, repurposing an old shirt that has shrunk!

Here are 5 ways of styling a basic white t-shirt 🙂



Look #1 – Business Casual
Blazer – http://goo.gl/OnjXGk
Neckpiece – (similar) http://goo.gl/7VwukR
Shoes – Nu Pair (local store)
Clutch – Kenneth Cole



Look #2 – Casual spring/summer Kimono
Kimono – (similar) http://goo.gl/5AyoMV
Shoes – Nu Pair (Local Store)



Look #3 – Casual Harem with ethnic jewelry
Necklace –
Harem pants – (similar) http://goo.gl/kxE9pH



Look #4: Formal
Skirt – (similar) http://goo.gl/DRwRkV



Look #5 – Beachy – how to wear a shirt that no longer fits you
Shirt – http://goo.gl/jg5kiq
Necklace – http://goo.gl/cznr2G
Stripped shoes – Local store



  1. Hi Neha!! Lovely composition! As I said, I am here again on your website. Can you give me suggestions to shop good material white Ts! The ones from old navy and F21 don’t seem to last after few washes. Oh and I just love your jewelry collection ❤


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