Rounded Crispy Thin Dosas

I am no pro in making dosa batter. But I am definitely getting better at making perfectly thin and crispy rounded dosas!

I am using Shastha Food’s dosa batter. You don’t need to add any extra water into the batter.

Batter thickness and temperature of the pan are very important to making a perfect dosa. Pay attention to changing the temperature of your flame from the time you pour the batter to the time you roll and remove the dosa.

Tips/ What worked for me:
1) Have your gas flame between medium to medium high flame while cooking the dosa.
2) I used cold wet napkin to clean the pan after every dosa was made. It also helps in reducing pan temperature.
3) While spreading the batter on the pan – make the flame to low.
4) Be quick while spreading the batter.
4) Make sure your concentric circles aren’t too far apart. If they too far apart, you get a thicker dosa.
5) Ladle out just enough batter that respects the size of your pan ;). In short, don’t pour extra batter that would go outside the boundaries of your pan.
6) (Optional)Spread ghee/oil when towards the end.

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