My favorite lipstick shades for spring and summer

#1 – Revlon 740 – Certainly Red
Wear this at for a evening/night dinner or party! Its a very sexy and seductive color. But has to be worn with the right makeup, clothes and accessories! It’s meant to make a statement and you’d surely leave an impression on the crowd.

#2 – Maybelline MAT2 – Craving coral
This shade is such an amazing coral. Gives you much needed color pop for spring or summer. Perfect for a beachy sunny day or a casual outing in the sun!

#3- NYC 445 Coralista (But its actually bright peachy orange).
Wear this for sunny barbecues and pool parties. It gives a very fresh, young and energetic vibe. From the size of the lipstick, you can tell I have already used it so much since last year.

#4 – Rimmel Kate Moss – Rose Pink
This is my favorite shade for the season. Pink is the new red for me! :). Its an assertive color but does not look to flashy like the reds and corals! 🙂

#5 – Covergirl 030 Mauve
I call it the guava pink color. This is soft pink and also is my second favorite of the season. This is not too flashy. Perfect for office or formal lunches etc.


#1 – Revlon 740 – Certainly Red20160306_143918_Fotor_Collage

#1 – Revlon 740 – Certainly Red20160306_143918_1Fotor_Collage


#2 – Maybelline MAT2 – Craving coral20160306_143510_Fotor_Collage


#3- NYC 445 Coralista



#4 – Rimmel Kate Moss – Rose Pink


#5 – Covergirl 030 MauveLipsticks


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