My Quilled Earring Obsession

My quilled jewelry obsession: Gone are they days to torture your ear lobes!

I got these beautiful quilled jewelry from Trendy Jewelry Studio

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What is quilling and quilled jewelry?
Quilling is a type of ornamental craftwork involving the shaping of paper, fabric, or glass into delicate pleats or folds. Quilled jewelry is jewelry made of paper. Hence its extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear, not to mention it is surprisingly durable.

At Trendy Jewelry Studio, the color combinations, design patterns and shapes are quirky and very upbeat! They have vibrant and fresh colors, apt for spring time. Also, they have some fusion collection of jhumkas and drop earrings. I am also a huge fan of their classy and elegant ethnic earrings. They have a decent range of options from very modern to traditional. Ordering to Delivery to Packaging – everything is spot on.

Its a tad bit pricy than the earrings produced on mass scale because each piece is individually hand crafted. They look just like your real earrings and are totally worth the money because of its quality, durability and weightlessness.

Checkout them out:






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