Hanauma Bay, Kailua Bay (Day 2 Oahu-Hawaii)

This is my second day in Oahu-Hawaii 🙂

Day 2

  1. Hanauma Bay –  Take your snorkel gear. Rentals are available at the bay. You can see beautiful fishes and marine life through your naked eyes. Its a bay formed on a crater. The view is stunning! You could easily spend an entire day here. If you are planning more things to do on this day, spend more time here.
  2. Kailua Beach park – Swim/Stroll and relax. There are several scenic spots from Hanauma to Kailua. Just pull over as you please.
  3. Lanikai Beach (if possible)
  4. Drive on H3 back to Waikiki (if possible)
  5. Lunch: Teddy’s big burgers (4 stars Yelp) –  This was on our way to Hanauma Bay. Their umami sauce burgers are awesome!
  6. Dinner: Gyoza No Ohsho – This place was right behind our hotel. They aren’t highly reviewed on Yelp but we loved their food. Their carb omelette ramen, kimchee ramen and potstickers were brilliant!

Full Itinerary and photos:

Oahu-Hawaii: 4 day itinerary

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