How to convert a dress? – Spring to Winter

If you haven’t done your holiday dress shopping yet, its okay! There’s no need to worry :). If you have a spring dress or any sort of dress in your closet, you can convert it into a semi-formal dress and still wear it to a house-party!See how we styled this together…

1) Blaze”r” it up!
2) Accessorize! – Dress it up by wearing appropriate accessories. When the dress isn’t exactly party-like, you can use dressy jackets, accessories, scarfs etc to jazz it up.
3) Indulge in high-heels – pumps or boots, anything that suits you!

This is how Priyanka converted her spring dress to a winter holiday party dress :). I like her choice of maroon blazer and green bead necklace with the polka dots. Beautiful amalgamation of colors! She looks absolutely beautiful!! Our very own Marilyn :*

Polka DotsPolka Dots-001Polka Dots-002

You could wear the same dress to your  office-day-party. She has worn a blue cardigan. Again, it goes so well with the b/w polka dots. Some peachy color pop with the layered necklace and belt. You could wear it with or without the belt!

Polka Dots-003IMG_2072

Photo Credits: Amey Patil and Pshots

Polka dress black and white – $20

Green necklace – Similar

Coral/Peachy necklace – $13.80

Maroon Blazer – $25

Blue Cardigan – $15

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