Tube Dress – party dressing

My body loves flare and pleats! Cant get enough of them 😉

I love this dress, because it enhances the better parts and hides the flaws. Love the dark blue and black design. The dress is strapless but also came with straps incase you want to use them. The jacket is perfect for mild cold night. I am wearing a belt on top to give the jacket more structure. Everything else except the dress and jacket has an element of glitter/bling in it – scarf, earrings, bracelet, pumps and clutch. 🙂

Darker colors help to conceal your features, this is because depth perception is mainly achieved by contrasting light over dark. Folds are the appearance of a dark shade over a lighter feature, so when clothes are very light, folds become more visible, and these folds are usually caused by larger features on your body. When something is dark, you tend to perceive it as flat, even though your gut is still poking out. But there are limits to how much it can make you look thin because the human eye is very complex and uses three dimensions to perceive shape, while shading is a two dimensional feature. The same is true of stripes, although the illusion they create is caused by the perception of an infinite loop (the stripes) which help to conceal protruding features. (Courtesy Yahoo Answers)

I wore this dress on my first wedding anniversary and will wear it for an upcoming party!

IMG_2296Tube dressParty Dressing1Tube dress-002IMG_230720151213_203310-1.jpgTube dress-001


I originally bought this from H&M for $22 lat year but it doesn’t show on their website anymore. I have enlisted where you could find similar one.



Jacket: $53

Pumps: $17

Purse: $16

Earrings: $7

Hand braclet: $7


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