Winter Party Dressing 101

I styled this look for my beautiful friend Priyanka who wore this for a recent outdoor party. She rocks this party look 🙂 The jacket flares asymmetrically waist down. Love the neck and cut of this dress.The lace dress suggests a mixture of sophistication and purity and its versatile enough to be dressed up or down, feminised or brutalised, chic or casual. The A-line is perfect to camouflage the holiday weight. When she is indoors, she is keeping herself warm with a nice warm sparkly grey scarf wrapped around her arms. When she is outdoors, she has her jacket and scarf on. You look fabulous Priyanka 🙂

Get ready to grove the holiday parties this season but remember the following:

1) Dressy coat/jacket – Wear a nice dressy jacket instead of your regular jacket which also keeps you warm.

2) Try and wear close toed winter boots (with heels will look nicer)

3) Add bling! – Wear a sparkly statement neckpiece or dazzling earrings! If not that than wear a nice sparkly scarf. Combination of long earrings and scarf looks really classy.

4) Keep warm – If its an outdoor setting, wear you gloves, slacks/stockings and a sparkly scarf. If indoors, your could still wrap nice scarf around your shoulders. And remember to enjoy! 🙂

5) Avoid bright/poppy/fluorescent colors for holiday parties. Its a holiday party, not summer BBQ party 😛

6) I prefer solids and neutrals which have a bit of jazz and sparkle! 🙂

party dress-001

party dress

party dress-002party dress-003party dress-004


Photo credits: Amey Patil and Prasad Karkera (of Pshots

Wine colored lace dress:


Evening purse:


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