My scarfs and their organization!

So excited to get all my scarfs re-organized this fall and winter season.

I have these 2 hangers bought from Amazon (link below) which I use to hang my scarfs on. They save so me much of space.

I like to organize my scarfs by their material, print and style. I put all knitted ones together, ethnic and solid ones together, sparkly/shiny/party  (which I wear for night-outings) ones together, looped ones together and cotton ones together. How do you organize yours? Share your ideas 🙂



Knitted and Shiny (for night-outings):



Ethnic designs and solids:



Looped and cotton printed:



I bring these hanger out during the colder months and hang them on my closet door for easy access 🙂


Scarf hangers: $15

Yellow, baby pink and grey knitted: $10

Sparkle Scarfs:

Ethnic Scarfs: India

Printed and Looped:$5- $10 and


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