My pumpkin fall sweater

Come fall, I am so excited to get my knits and scarfs out! Amidst dull fall collection in all stores, found this bright pumpkiny sweater. I have worn it with blue spaghetti which is longer than the sweater. Remember this trick, if your sweater shrinks, wear something longer inside. The spaghetti color gives vibrancy to my attire and also elongates my top. Wore it with blue-grey drop earrings, a silver-grey scarf and a messy top bun. Happy Fall!

The blue spaghetti and scarf provides multiple layers.
More layers = more warm! Other color to pair with yellow are pink, maroon,burgandy, white and most neutrals.

Yellow sweater-001

Yellow sweater-005

Yellow sweater-002

Yellow sweater

Yellow sweater-004

Collection of all individual photos:

Yellow top: $19.90

Silver-grey scarf: $10.50

Earrings: $5.90

White purse: $14

Black boots:$28

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