My spice box – sorted!

You know non-vegetarian chefs will relate to this the most. I cook lot of non-vegetarian food at home. Non-veg Indian food is heavy on the use of whole spices. Every time I cook, I have to go through this cycle of opening and closing 8ish whole spice boxes other than my powdered spice box. Now, I have to open only one … saves me so much of time :). Putting all together has made my life so much simpler and sorted.

I couldn’t find a spice box that had so many mini-compartments, so I converted Michael’s bead box to my spice box! 🙂

Also,I am using this for just dried spices (not for super hot or cold stuff) so I guess, this plastic box should be just fine! Wash it thoroughly after you buy it. Give it a thorough wash every few months.

Bead box: $2.99
You could check Daiso, Amazon or other websites/stores.




MasalaSpice Box


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