Diwali cleaning – my Jewelry drawers

As part of my Diwali cleaning, I gave my accessory closet a major overhaul. Along with my usual kitchen cleaning, I decided to clean and make my accessories, makeup and jewelry easily accessible, reachable and manageable. 🙂

So this is my take on organizing and managing my jewelry. Take a look.

I bought 2 bead boxes, earring stand, bracelet stand and neckpiece stand from Michaels and 2 antique vintage brown boxes from Amazon. Below are the details

20151021_180925 20151021_181529 IMG_1505 IMG_1508 IMG_1514

Antique Jewelry Box: $7

Bead box: $2.99

Earrings stand: $9
Similar: http://www.michaels.com/4-tier-earring-spinner/10274770.html#q=earrings&start=19

Bangle/Bracelet stand: $4

Bracelet stand: $6.5
*Do not forget to show and apply coupons available on their website*


The messy drawers with earrings/necklaces/ear tops packed in small plastic zippers, the chucky neckpieces pilled over one another, hair tools cramped together, makeup, bracelets and watches thrown in together… not very elegant 😛

Jewellery Mgmt-002

Before: After

The bead box perfectly fits into the drawer..
Jewellery Mgmt

From drawer to bangle stand. It easily fits 40-50 total


So this is what I did….I put the smaller necklaces into the bead boxes.

Jewellery Mgmt-003

Before:After of my chunky neckpieces. 
Jewellery Mgmt-001

Earrings were removed from smaller boxes and put on the earring stand.

Jewellery Mgmt-005

The earring, chunky neckpieces, bracelets and bangles and watches all put in easy to access, easy to find, easy to reach stands and jewelry management containers. 🙂




Makeup and watches gone in those cute antique jewelry boxes 🙂

Jewellery Mgmt-004

Main makeup stays in zippers in the drawers. And so do the main hair tools and equipments! 🙂

Jewellery Mgmt-006

Cheers people happy Diwali!
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