Fish tail braid and poof with wavy ponytail and bangs

Firstly, let me introduce you guys to Anupama :). This woman has some incredible talent! She is a fashion designer by profession and loves everything about fashion and beauty. She practices her passion by doing hairstyles on her 6 year old daughter. She will be doing 3 different hairstyles on me for this upcoming festive season! Stay tuned for more 🙂
Anupama Profile pic

Look #1: Fishtail braid on top with poof and wavy ponytail

Before styling, prep your hair:
We are using ‘A 10 miracle shine spray with noni oil’. It induces luster and softens your hair. You could also use little bit of serum to soften your hair if they are dry.
Buy from Walmart/Amazon/Walgreens: OR

After styling, set your hair so that they hold better:
We are using John Frieda Luxurious Volume All-Out Hold Hairspray. You can use any other all day hold spray.
Buy from Walmart/Target:

Video Tutorial:

Fish tail braid pictorial instructions:Pic courtesy @Stylenoted
fish tail braid instructions

Crown Fish tail.png


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