Everyday Natural Makeup Using Bare Minerals

This is a quick, easy, natural makeup tutorial using Bare Minerals Makeup Starter Kit. What I love about this makeup is that its subtle, not very flashy. I do this makeup almost everyday before leaving for work.

Video Tutorial:

Pictorial Tutorial:
The Bare Minerals Starter kit comes with primer, powder brush, foundation brush, lose powder foundation, warmth/bronzer, mineral Veil/shimmer. Its absolutely worth the money.

Starter Kit
You get this kit in Sephora or Bareminerals store. If you go there, they do a free skin tone test for you. It comes in 5 different shades – light, medium, medium beige, tan and deep. Here is the link:


I sometimes use Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer on top of my regular moisturizer sometimes. You could use your regular BB/CC cream as well. So regular moisturizer-> primer->BB/CC cream-> powder foundation. You can buy from: http://www.sephora.com/tinted-moisturizer-broad-spectrum-P109936?skuId=870337

Primer is completely optional. I like to use it because it smoothens your skin, seals pours and spreads you makeup very well. It also makes makeup last a little longer.




Necklace: Originally from Forever21.

Stay tuned for more makeup, hairstyle, fashion and food tutorials.
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