Cleopatra or Greek Goddess for Halloween?

This is the most beautiful one according to me. I think girls will love it. You get to dress-up and accessorize in this one. If you have a long maxi dress and some gold jewelry to put on, creating Cleopatra is very simple.

Crown or head piece:
Golden Fall leaves:
Hairband: Amazon
Gold Ribbon:
Glue Gun: Michaels

Cleopatra Belt:
Golden cardboard:
Golden Ribbon


Cut the golden leaves from the stem. Wrap golden ribbon onto the hairband. Apply little glue on the edge of the band before you start wrapping the ribbon around the band.


Once the band is all wrapped by golden ribbon, use your golden leaves and start fixing them over each other using glue from the glue gun. Your head accessory/crown is ready 🙂


You could embellish it with certain beads or stones or even bindi.


For the waist band, cut the golden cardboard in shape of the waist band you want. Fold the longer tapering edge and glue it to the ribbon. You can now wrap the ribbon around your waist and tie a knot behind.



Get all the gold accessories from your closet and start wearing it for this look.



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