Workplace friendly – Technology Halloween

Being in Silicon Valley, I owe it to technology. My halloween has to include a bunch of cool-techie ideas. These ideas requires extremely minimal effort and a few minutes in hand. CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP – is the key word! 😉

Google Map Pins: This could be kids/couples costume.
2 grey t-shirts
Yellow Duct Tape
Google icons printout
Temporary fabric glue
Red cardboard
Black Marker

Cut red cardboard into shape oF Google Map pins. Name them A and B with black marker.
Google Maps

Take the yellow duct tape and paste it on your grey t-shirt like shown.

Google Maps-001

Now take temporary fabric glue and paste google map icons with it on the t-shirt. Use black marker to write on the tape. Your Google map pins costume is ready!


My husband and I wearing the pins.


At a Halloween demo/meet-up event!


Youtube: Ask friends to click play and break into crazy singing and dancing.
1 red t-shirt
White cardboard
Black and red sketch pens
Youtube logo Printout and fabric glue

Cut out a triangular paper for play button. On the back side draw pause icon. Take a pin and pierce a small hole and pin it to from inside. When your friends click play, you break into a happy dance and then when they click pause you stop! 🙂


404 error: Lamest and easiest
White t-shirt
Printout ‘404 Error: Page not found

As lame as this sounds… a printout of 404 error works too 😛


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