Deer Makeup Tutorial for Halloween

I am going to be a deer this Halloween. You will find these make-up products in any drug store/pharmacy/CVS/Target etc.

For this look, you need an eyebrow pencil, liquid eyeliner, mascara, white eye shadow, liquid white concealer and lip gloss.



You need a foundation or BB/CC cream, bronzer and brushes. I am using Laura Mercier light foundation and bare minerals warmth (bronzer). You need powder brush to apply the bronzer and then foundation brush for detailing.


  • I have curled my hair for this look.
  • After curling your hair, prep your skin. Use a primer if you want make-up to stay longer (this is optional). Then apply your foundation.
  • Use white eyeshadow pencil/stick around the eyes – on eyelids, above and below the eyes on the edge of your nose and above your eyebrows (making a T-shape).
  • Now apply bronzer on your forehead and cheeks (around the T). Make sure you don’t go below your lips or cheekbones.
  • Highlight your eyebrows.
  • Apply mascara on your eyelashes.
  • Apply liquid eyeliner on your eyes. Stretch out the liner from the corner of your eye to give the deer look.
  • Now with the liquid concealer make dots on your cheeks in the bronzer area.
  • Apply gloss





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