Deer Costume, Antlers, Tail and Ears – all for $9

Bid farewell to expensive Halloween props and costumes now onwards and get in touch with your creative side! The entire costume along with its props – antlers, ears and tail were super duper cheap especially after applying Michaels coupons (which are available all year round). If you buy these all of these at party city or online, you would end up paying $30 or so. These are not very time consuming either. You’d just need 30 mins.

Heres a quick video tutorial:

Antlers: $3
Glue gun: ($3.99)
Floral Tape: ($1.99)
Chenille Pipe Cleaners OR Aluminum foil: ($2.99)
Hair band: ($0.40 for 1)
Flowers: ($2.49)
After 40% Coupons: $7.20
But the glue gun and chenille pipe cleaners is long time investment would last for all other projects.
Effective Cost: $3


Ears and Tail: $3
Craft Fur: ($2.99)
Chenille Stems: ($1.99)
After 40% coupon: $3


Costume: $3
Brown Top: (already in my closet. The cotton balls would come off on washing as you are going to use temporary glue)
Cotton balls: ($1.89)
Felt: ($0.35)
Temporary Fabric Glue: ($2.99)
Safety Pins: (optional)
Effective Cost: $3

Photos-006 Coupons at Michaels:

Antlers: Method
You would need 4 chenille pipe cleaners for each antler. First fold all of them into halves. After that start twisting each pipe end on the other. You will get four twisted pipes.


Now take 2 of these. Start by placing one on the other as shown and twist them around each other. Take the third one and begin at the base of the first one and twist away from the first two. Take fourth and twist it on the third. You have made one of the antlers.


Now take a floral tape and start by wrapping it around each pipe.


I started with the longest one. Then went to the second longest and so on and so forth till the entire antler was covered with floral tape.


You could do exactly the same with aluminum foil instead of a chenille pipe.



Now take your hair band and wrap the floral tape around the hair band as well.


Take two small rubber bands and place them where you want your antlers to hinge.


Secure each antler inside the rubber band. Now apply hot glue using the glue gun and press the antlers and hold for few secs till the glue hardens. This will secure the antlers even more tightly.


Now pluck some flowers from a flower bunch bought from Michaels and fix them to the hairband again with the hot glue.



Ears: Method
Buy craft fur from Michaels and draw ears at the back. Cut the fur in the shape you drew.


Stick the ears to the antlers with the hot glue. And your antlers and ears are ready! 🙂


Tail: Method
The chenille stems will hold which ever way you bend them. Bring the open ends of the stems and twist them around each other to create a curved tail shape from them.


Apply hot glue on one side of the tail and place fur on it.


Now cut excess fur from all sides.


Your tail is ready! 🙂


Costume: Method
Take a brown t-shirt from your closet. Cut felt in ovular shape. Apply temporary fabric glue on the edges of the felt and stick it to the top. Temporary glue comes off on washing.


Cut smaller cotton circles from the sponge. Apply temporary glue and stick it on the top as shown.


Your costume is ready! Wear with a pair of brown slacks or brown pants! 🙂


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