Resuming my Spain series. I received a lot of feedback from my friends to write about my travel and food experiences along with cloth ensembles. So here it goes..

On day 3, I decided to give printed leggings a chance for the first time in my life! I was never a fan of printed trousers, pants, tights or jeans. But lately, I have learnt that they look good if you pair them with an appropriate top and accessories. I stick to earthy darker shades and smaller geometric patterns. I don’t think I’ve become comfortable with big flowery prints, bold designs and funky colors yet. But will experiment with those soon ;).

For me, leggings = long and lose top. It’d be a different story if I were anywhere between size 0-4. Since the leggings are printed, rest of the accompaniments are earthy or neutral. Any solid top – white, grey, beige, black would look good on these. Avoid pairing it with a printed top. Bag is antique brown and sandals are white/beige. Necklace is layered silver. Hair tied into a quick bun.




Jeggings: $17.90

White top: $12.95


Shoes: $19.88

Necklace: $6.90

Sunglasses: $7.90

We started the day by having churros and melted chocolate for breakfast at Chocolateria San Gines. If it were to me I would create Jacuzzi outta this :P. It’s rated 4 stars an 4300 reviews on Tripadvisor. We had to visit it!

Churros and chocolate at San Gines:

Day3.6 -Churros copy.jpg
Day3.7 churros-2.jpg





We had already done the museums, parks, eateries at puerta del sol and plaza mayor and museo del jamon or ham museum on Day 1. Day 2 was entire city of Toledo. Day 3 we toured only the royal palace or Palacio Real de Madrid because we had to take an afternoon flight to Seville. I think we ate paella and calamares for lunch at Plaza Mayor.

Hotel–> San Gines–> Palace–> Plaza Mayor–> Hotel –> Airport

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 5.19.39 PM


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