Modak hacks! – 2 types – in less than 15 mins

Ganpati Bappa Morya! This is one of my favorite festivals and I have such beautiful memories of the rains, the dhols, lezim and ganpati aartis echoing through every intersection in Mumbai. The whole atmosphere is so energetic and lively! When I was a kid, mom use to make ukdiche modak, friend modak and khoya modak like a pro and she taught me too. I try to make them from scratch most of the times. But this time with hectic office work, I didn’t have too much time on hand.

So found this quick way of making modaks! This was such a savior! Didn’t have to buy prasad from out and was happy to make this quick and easy prasad at home for bappa!

1) Using ready-made roti/chapati
Outer shell
– Get readymade uncooked roti/chapati
– Cut a smaller inner circle from roti/chapati
– use your fingers to wet the edges of the roti front and back.
– Press the edges of the roti so it become easy to maneuver.
– Start pleating the small roti
– Watch – How to wrap soup dumplings:
– I like to make the dumpling shell first and then put filling in.
– Set these aside

Sweet coconut filling
– Get shredded coconut: 2 cups
– Get jaggery/ brown sugar: 1 cup (adjust according to your taste)
– Cardamon powder: 1 tsp
– Clarified butter/ghee: 2 tbsp
– Chopped dry fruits: handful (optional)
– Poppy seeds: 3 tbps (optional)
– Take a skillet. Put gas on medium-low heat
– Put ghee. Once ghee warms up little bit, put all the above ingredients.
– Stir till all the jaggery melts and is incorporated
– Set the mixture aside to cool off a little bit.

Fill the dumplings:
Start putting the coconut mixture in the dumplings shells till it fills up the base completely. Fold the top as shown in the video.

Put the skillet on medium-low
Fry the dumplings in hot oil till golden brown

2) Using phyllo pastry shells/tartlet shells
– Bake the tartlets in oven for 5 mins (as per instructions on the back)
– Remove from oven
– Fill your coconut filling in the shape of a modak

And you are all set! I loved both these techniques because they are a bliss if you are running late or short of time! 🙂











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