Day 2 – Entire Look $55

Day 2 was dedicated to trekking the entire city of Toledo near Madrid. It’s a beautiful city which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986 for its extensive cultural and monumental heritage and historical co-existence of Christian, Muslim and Jewish cultures. Since it was an entire day of walking in scorching heat, I wanted to chose an outfit that was comfortable and stylish at the same time . I usually wear solid bottoms and accompany it with a printed top… since I wear jeans most of the times. But I wanted to try the inverse this time- printed bottoms and plain/solid top.

Interplay of colors and prints:
I first bought the printed skirt and then started pairing other bits with it. It was a trail of trial -> error -> discovery -> joy :). I knew since the skirt had light blue and coral print, the colors that would suit the most on it would be dark solids or one of the darker shades from the print. I would be the opposite if the skirt had darker prints. So I picked black, navy blue, deep coral and cobalt blue. But the color that paired the best with it was dark/navy blue. Since the tee was blue and the overall temperament of the skirt is blue, I wanted to get accessories and shoes of the (other) fainter color from the print. So I picked the next most muted color in the skirt – pink/coral.

Neckline and Accessory choice:
Most of my tops (on this trip) aren’t as closed-neck owing to the heat in summers. I love the simple scooped neckline on this tee. Gives room to feel the breeze and also boast a quaint neckpiece. I chose a solid pink piece to cover up the scooped neck. IMO, this truly uplifted the entire casual attire… without making it too dressy either..

Shoe choice:
COMFORT COMFORT COMFORT! I would have chosen cute pumps otherwise but we were going to walk for miles this day. There wasn’t any better choice than these. They are not too sporty for the entire outfit. They were padded and had very delicate lace… making them a perfect balance of comfort and aesthetics. If you have an entire day of walking, please choose comfort over looks. Last thing you want is shoes bites and soar feet on your trip. Mules, clogs and oxfords are your best friends when you are marching across the town. You could get no-show liner socks that don’t sneak out of your shoes to keep the look less athletic.






Details on where to buy!

Skirt: Similar on Forever21 – $8.90

Navy blue Tee: Old Navy – $7.00

Similar but different color: $17.90
Similar on Amazon – $22

Lacquered Bib Neckpiece: Similar on Amazon – $7

Bag: Similar on Amazon – $14.95

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