My Summer Fling ;)

Heard the new song doing the rounds on radio these days… from Afrojack?

“Uh, you stole my heart we had a summer fling.
And I told my heart it was just a summer thing!
But you made me fall in the winter,
Bloom in the spring From June ’till December It was you and me!
And I told my heart it was just a summer fling,
That it was just a summer thing!”

This song exactly represents my relationship with this dress. I never thought this color would have a place in my otherwise conservative wardrobe. Neon colors have been trending through past two summers. Honestly, I wasn’t crazy about them but I just wanted to test out the trend. I bought this piece last summer and thought would never go back to it more than once. But then it made me fall in the winter, bloom in the spring, June till December…it definitely was more than a fling ;). The color added brightness and cheerfulness to my summer wardrobe. I felt fresh and lemony after wearing it ☺

Just a few tips:

  • If you wear neon colors, use subdued accessories; that would harmonize with the rest of your outfit or else you could end up looking like a Christmas tree.
  • Weather its bright green, pink, yellow, blue or orange. No matter what today’s trend is, choose the color that suits and comforts you the most.
  • IMO, this is just a trend and won’t last forever. So I would avoid spending too much money on these colors. Combine these neon outfits with neutral shades of clothes you already have in your closet. With this, you will have variations for different occasions.

Last year at Chichen Itza, Mexico..


Accompanying accessories:

Summer fling

And, this year at my Sister-in-law’s BBQ party!


This piece is bought from Marshalls store for $12. Marshalls doesn’t have a website but found something similar on Amazon:

Bag from Payless. They had pink last year:

Earrings from Icing. Again, couldn’t find exact ones online. But these are something similar



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