My longing for a midi-skirt!

On our forth day in Alaska, we took the Prince William Sound cruise out of Whittier. We were blessed with perfect weather on this day as well. It was bright and sunny, allowing clear visibility to glaciers. We enjoyed the blue glaciers and the sounds of glacier calving without freezing and shivering to death. I enjoyed this setting even more cos I got a chance to wear the midi-skirt I have been longing for. I had almost dropped this skirt from my itinerary (thinking I am being too optimistic for Alaska). For those who haven’t been there, Alaska could be cloudy, rainy, breezy and cold even in Summers. But being optimistic paid off!

The midi-skirt is so vintage and takes me to the old times where English wore pearls and drank tea in teapots and felt all princely. I have attempted to blend in vintage with modern. I’ve put together a long sleeved bateau neck top, knee covering A-line pleated skirt with simple pearls. I have tried to bring my playfulness into this look with the ducklings on the print. The pleats make it formal but the print keeps the tone very casual.

I say this to myself so many times and here I say it loud, again: I don’t need to have a skinny frame to look stylish! I can resort to clothes that suit my body type and make me feel graceful in it. Like my husband says, wear clothes that fit you (not the ones you want to fit into).


1980101_10153181688584262_624783305825376814_o11113976_10153181850574262_1648007287657794999_oMidi Skirt11705164_10153181689139262_6011226666065204428_o11222727_10153181688134262_8844931399494022048_o

Skirt: $21

Pearls necklace: $9.90

Black top: similar


  1. I just loved ur blog Neha ! I can totally relate with u. I always believe in being well dressed! I love dolling up too 😍
    N i am also in love with these midi skirts,bt was always in a dilemma if they would suit me or not.U carry this so elegantly..That i too wanna try it now 😁
    If u don’t mind me asking,where did u buy this pretty skirt from ? 😊


  2. Hi Neha,

    I must say very impressed I am 🙂
    I came to know about your blog from Euphoric delights where in you showcased your Spain ensemble. That was beautiful and so is this one. Lately, even I am fond of midi length but only dresses and not skirts. Somehow I feel skirts don’t suit me 🙂 Anyways, I had a look at the amazon link for this skirt and Oh! man! I would have never bought it seeing it there, but you totally rocked the skirt and the look too 🙂



    • Awww… thanks so much Rashi! I was in the same dilemma you are in.I thought it wouldn’t suit me at all but just wanted to get out of my comfort zone.But give it a try!The best thing about the outlets in U.S is you can return your clothes if you don’t like them 🙂


      • Oh! that was quick 🙂

        Yeah! rightly said, the best thing here is you can return clothes if you don’t like them. In fact, it took me such a long time to get used to ordering clothes online and now I seem to have fallen in love with the convenience 🙂 but I am always reluctant to return…will get rid of that soon 🙂

        Where in US are you based out of??


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